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What exactly is a pouf, a sako sack, a sako pouf? - MIUKI
A pouf has long been regarded as complementing a lounge suite: two armchairs, a coffee table and a pouf. When there are more people than armchairs, guests can join the party by enjoying tea or coffee on this additional seat. A pouf also springs to mind when sinking comfortably into an armchair to read a book, and some foot support is needed.
When in the 1960s Italian designers introduced the first Sacco chair (bean bag chair) on the market, the word pouf acquired an entirely new meaning. A Bean bag, a sako bag, or a sako pouf is a sack filled with light styrofoam granulate, perfect for relaxing and unwinding.
In Poland they are commonly called poufs, sako bags, or sako poufs. They are comfortably accommodated in children’s rooms, where they are loved for the total freedom they offer. Poufs are also great in working spaces since they invite us to leave our desks for a while and work more comfortably on a laptop. In fact, our pouf is the perfect living room couch, ideal for spending an evening with a good book. You can lie down or sit on it anyway you want, with your head raised or down.
Whether we work full time in an office or run our own business, work nights or start work very early in the morning, we all need to rest.
Neither a fast-paced life, days spent working nine to five at a desk, nor stress is good for our well-being. We should take care to turn our home into a place where we can relax, away from the everyday hustle and bustle. So, we should organise it accordingly to ensure the ideal environment for unwinding and relaxing.
The first item to be removed should be the TV set, replaced by elements of interior design to create a cosy atmosphere with furniture that guarantees comfort. The MIUKI pouffs are an alternative to traditional furniture such as armchairs or sofas, which are generally considered indispensable. Miukis offer a great, original and relaxing opportunity for an afternoon siesta.
Relaxation, leisure, recreation, different ways to de-stress – but what if most of the day is spent at work? Experts recommend a five-minute break every two hours, to change position and to forget about work for a while. This creates a sense of distance. Why not put a sako sack next to the desk? It would permit a brief escape from reality, provide comfort and encourage the mind to think about other things, even if only temporarily.
If most of our time is spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer, tiredness will set in after a few hours, no matter how comfortable the chair; the body needs to change position.
The Miuki range includes a large, comfortable Office pouf, designed and recommended for office spaces. It can be used like a comfortable armchair, but when inverted, the pouf becomes a comfortable couch to lie on while making phone calls or working on a tablet or laptop. More and more large offices have relaxation areas filled with sacks, poufs or hammocks - just to help us unwind.
Our poufs are also ideal for relaxing outside in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.
For outdoor use, we offer models with covers made of special material. Among a variety of recommended fabrics we have waterproof covers and materials which are also mould-proof and heat-resistant.
These poufs make great accessories at outdoor, summer events and guests will appreciate them more than garden chairs or even sun loungers, which are far less comfortable. MIUKI poufs are also light so they can be moved around easily and used practically anywhere.
Children and young people love our poufs – they use them for play and study, finding great delight in reading a book in the most comfortable position … and also in drifting away and daydreaming. And there is nothing wrong with that. Simply doing nothing stimulates creativity and inspiration.
Doing absolutely nothing means that we can find time to rest and indulge in pleasures which inspire us, while keeping in touch with reality. A relaxed brain is more readily stimulated and more inclined to produce creative solutions.
(from an article by Dagna Kurdwanowska: “The gift of laziness”)

Have a great, relaxing time!
Our studio, Miły Projekt (Lovely Project) was set up in 2009 and so the MIUKI brand was born. We design and create our own poufs, granulate-filled sacks, hammocks and cushions. These are all carefully crafted products and we are totally committed to the crafting process from the design stage to shipment of the final product. Because of this, we can also deliver customized products, tailor-made to suit the needs of the future owner: size can be modified or the colour of the accessories changed. We are genuinely committed and always extremely careful about detail.
It has always been our ambition to manufacture highly aesthetic products, using good quality fabrics and accessories. We believe that every aspect is important: convenience of use as well as easy maintenance such as cleaning and washing. We have created a Polish product which is proud of travelling abroad. In 2011 our EGG sack received the MUST HAVE award at the Łódź Design Festival. Quoted as an example of good design, we have participated in Polish and international fairs.
You are welcome to visit our studio at the and see our poufs, try them out and choose the model which will best suit your needs. Most importantly, you will see hundreds of colours and fabrics which are too many to fit on our website!