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m i u k i  poufs by miły projekt

what are they?

poufs, mattresses, sako sacks. Egg-shaped and round, square and rectangular.

13 patterns in many colours

who are they for?

Anybody, without limits

Where to use them?

It’s a must in the kids’ room! In the living room, on the terrace, in an office, school, kindergarten and anywhere else … where Miuki have not been yet.

What are they for?

to ... have a soft landing on the ground and ... to get rid of the old sofa

Miuki are pillows and poufs which – like sako sacks – are filled with granulate. This makes them  flexibly fit your body, incredibly comfortable and light.

Miuki have their own soul and personality which every new owner easily falls in love with. And they are real characters: colourful and casual – ideal for teenagers to study and to daydream, for the kids to hop and play. Indispensable in physical therapy. Wonderful for pregnant and feeding mums. Designed by an architect, little Miłka’s mum, they combine simplicity with functionality.