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Get to know a happy community in the world of MIUKI

The world of Miuki is made by happy people, free from stress and worry. Although they lead a busy life, every day begins with a smile. They enjoy the pleasures of life relaxing over a good book, listening to music, watching a film or engaging in family conversations.

Where do they find such peace and tranquillity? Is it climate or some miraculous diet that lies behind it ? No. These people are like you and me, with only one exception – they have miuki – our Sako Poufs at home and at work.

Eh, if it could be so simple...

We know very well that such recipes for happiness are hardly realistic but, nevertheless, for us even little things are meaningful and worth appreciation. This little something we wish to offer you is comfort which we are trying to create with our miuki poufs.

If you would like to join MIUKI community, you are most welcome.

Our Poufs and Sako sacks offer a perfect alternative to traditional armchairs, sofas and chairs. They are a cosier, healthier and more comfortable alternative. Back pain, fatigue and feelings of anxiety are often caused by incorrect posture. When you sit or lie on our Sako sacks, your body and mind simply relax.

Listening to music, reading books, studying or just being lazy and daydreaming are then much more pleasant, satisfying and creative.

You think: Poufs and Sako sacks, you say: MIUKI.
A range of patterns in different colours

MIUKI is known for its design, which all our clients now instantly recognize. Miuki Egg pouf received a MUST HAVE award at the Łódź Festival Design in 2011.

miuki must have - selected by łódz design festival

Each pouf or sack made in our Warsaw studio is carefully manufactured by our team. We keep an eye on each single miuk before it is sent off to its new home.

At the beginning and at the end of this process there is you: it is you who order your dream pouf. And we make it for you.

You can order smart, modern sacks, poufs, cushions and pillows, which are tailor-made to your request: you choose the type of fabric, colour of the zip or finishing elements.

This offer is also dedicated to interior designers, who work on every aspect of space they design – from A to Z.

We use high quality soft and raw, natural and polyester, certified materials, filled with granulate, cushion filling or feathers. When your pouf or cushion is no longer soft, we quickly send you a refill.

MIUKI – Poufs and Sako Sacks – online store / showroom / studio – Warsaw

Are our products really exceptional? We would be happy to say ‘yes’ but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide!

Children love them because they are soft and have pleasant texture; parents enjoy the moment they can sink in them and relax after a busy day, while those who work in an office can take a break over a cup of coffee.

Miuks are office-friendly: you can comfortably work on your laptop, lie and read briefs, sit and only pretend that you are working, or just relax and plan company strategies.

MIUKI poufs encourage creativity!

You can sink in them like in a very comfortable armchair, lie on them like on a comfortable bed or recline like on a big pillow. Unlike traditional armchairs, the poufs invite you to take any position you wish, even against gravity – MIUKI makes it possible!

Poufs, cushions, mattresses, Sako sacks. Egg-shaped, round, square and rectangular – you name it. Every cushion has its soul and personality, and... a different character.

Colourful and casual miuks are ideal for teenagers to study and daydream, for the youngest – to play and jump. An ideal solution for those who need physical therapy. Comfy poufs are great for pregnant and feeding mums.

Come and visit our studio in Warsaw, where you can touch our poufs, sit or lie on them and – check it all out!

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